writing with adhd

Let’s talk ADHD! Who has it? Me! What is it? Terrible!

I don’t like the term ADHD, let’s get that out of the way. Anyone who has ADHD knows that it’s less about attention deficit and more about attention management. That means people with ADHD might suffer from the inattentive type, the hyperfocus type, or a nice mixture of both. Don’t quote me on this, I wasn’t totally paying attention when my doctor explained it.

I personally have mixed ADHD types.

But Tatum your intro post said you were in your twenties!

Yeah buddy it sure did! Welcome to the world of Adult ADHD. I wasn’t treated for it as a kid with medication or behavioral therapy and I only started seeking treatment as an adult in my early twenties.

What this means is that I had to find ways to cope with it on my own. The coping mechanisms I used as a child heavily influence the way I write now.

The only way my brain seems to work at all is if I’m working on multiple projects at once. Right now I’m working on a comic book with a friend, a series of short stories about women named after herbs, and something I affectionately refer to as a Trash Romance.

I’m currently very much not medicated so when it gets difficult to maintain attention at work, or around friends, or even during a TV show, I pull out my notebook and write. When at work, I actually write my manuscript on post-its and then copy what I’ve written into a notebook.

Writing on a keyboard isn’t productive for me. There are just way too many distractions just a click away. I also have a tendency to self edit as I go and I end up distracting myself with that too! Writing in longhand eliminates that tendency because there’s no way in hell I’m going to go back five thousand words and add things in.

I’ve been consistently writing for the last two weeks in longhand for all my projects and I’ve made approximately 7500 words of progress for my Trash Romance alone. That’s unheard of for me!

Pretty sure I have no followers, but in case people are reading this… Do any of you have ADD/ADHD? How do you guys get words on the page?

Much love and best of luck!


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