wordcount update

It’s getting late and I’m not capable of written speech right now, but I did want to make this post…

I started today at 8,240 words and I’m ending it at 8,790 meaning I wrote exactly 550 words. 

I won’t lie, today was a struggle. Due to personal life issues and all the cheese associated with it, I had some trouble putting thoughts to paper, but I pushed forward and got something down. 


wordcount update

When I started this morning I was 7,781 words into my Trash Romance and as of tonight I’m at 8,240. 

Over the course of today I wrote 459 words which is in the midrange for me as far as wordcount goes. On slow days I do approximately 200 and on my best day I did something like 1,000. 

I wish I could bang out 1,000 words a day, but anything higher than zero is good as far as I’m concerned. 

Tomorrow I have a full day ahead of me so we’ll see how much I can complete by then.