word count update

Boy! I really dropped the ball, didn’t I?

Even though I haven’t blogged about it, I did manage to write 302 words on 12/05/18 and an additional 606 words yesterday bringing my total up to 9,698 words.

Woo! Maybe this weekend I’ll break 10,000!

It might be difficult because I don’t usually write on the weekends, but I’ll see if I can make it happen.

Thanks for tuning in!


wordcount update

It’s getting late and I’m not capable of written speech right now, but I did want to make this post…

I started today at 8,240 words and I’m ending it at 8,790 meaning I wrote exactly 550 words. 

I won’t lie, today was a struggle. Due to personal life issues and all the cheese associated with it, I had some trouble putting thoughts to paper, but I pushed forward and got something down. 

wordcount update

When I started this morning I was 7,781 words into my Trash Romance and as of tonight I’m at 8,240. 

Over the course of today I wrote 459 words which is in the midrange for me as far as wordcount goes. On slow days I do approximately 200 and on my best day I did something like 1,000. 

I wish I could bang out 1,000 words a day, but anything higher than zero is good as far as I’m concerned. 

Tomorrow I have a full day ahead of me so we’ll see how much I can complete by then. 

ideas for future blog posts

I’ve been thinking about what I can write on this blog to keep it alive and breathing. I don’t want this to be a project I start and abandon like the socks I tried to knit four years ago. I’m committed to keeping this going, so… ONWARD!

Here are some ideas I’ve had for future blog posts:

  • fiction book reviews
  • writing craft book reviews
  • daily word count updates for current projects
  • timed writing practice

This is all in addition to documenting my writing journey. Later today I’ll kick off this project by posting my word count at the start of the day and the count at the end.

See you then!